Association Belge des Syndicats Médicaux

Définition et profil de compétences pour la psychologie clinique en Belgique (uniquement disponible en anglais)

Avis n°9194

With this report, the SHC provides a definition, a description of the field of professional activity, and a profile of competencies of the psychologist as a health care professional in Belgium. The scientific literature, publications of international professional organizations and discussions with representatives of the profession and related health care professions, the academic world and policy makers served as a base for the advisory report (SHC, 2015). The double professional title of clinical / health care psychologist was adopted in order to reflect the scope of professional activities. The advice considers the profession at the level of competence for entry into independent practice. The training route to acquire this level of competence consists of a master’s degree in the domain of clinical / health care psychology, obtained after minimum five years of university training, completed with minimum one year of supervised practice (EFPA, 2015) .
A clinical / health care psychologist in Belgium is a professional practicing clinical /health care psychology, defined as: ”the autonomous development and application of theories and methods of scientific psychology in the promotion of health, in the psychological screening, diagnosis and assessment of health problems, and in the prevention, the management and the treatment of these problems in people”.


Pour lire l'avis complet du Conseil supérieur de la Santé (disponible uniquement en anglais), cliquez ici.

Date de publication: 02/09/2015