Association Belge des Syndicats Médicaux

IAAS - 14TH International Congress on ambulatory surgery, Brugge 30.05 - 01.06.2022

Discover the newest trends in ambulatory surgery, anaesthesia en perioperative care

Ambulatory surgery has experienced tremendous growth during recent years. We continue to do more complex procedures and treat more complex patients, some of  whom are vulnerable such as the elderly, children, children with special needs, mentally disabled and many more. Thanks to innovation in surgery, anaesthesia and nursing but above all thanks to interdisciplinary teamwork we can guarantee safe home discharge for everybody all over the world!!!

IAAS is happy to exchange ideas on the newest trends in ambulatory surgery, anaesthesia and perioperative care with surgeons, anaesthetists and perioperative nurses from all over the world in the beautiful Concert hall, 't Zand 34  in 8000 Brugge.


Accreditation for INAMI/RIZIV is pending.


Download the schematic overview of the program.

Download the detailed overview of the program.

Date de publication: 18/05/2022